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Envirolution has become synonymous with advanced technology beginning in 1994 with the introduction of its innovative Engine Oil Flush machine. This advanced technology started an environmental revolution and so was born Envirolution, Inc., manufacturer of the then unheard of Engine Flush System. Today Envirolution offers a full line of automotive preventive service maintenance equipment.


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In the year 2,000, extensive research performed by Envirolution's in-house automotive chemists and engineers revealed that Synthetic Oils were now becoming the future of the industry.  And so was born Envirolution's synthetic based professional line of EST additives, chemicals and cleaners., each product designed to work with and enhance the performance of each of the various engine fluids.



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A green company, is committed to creating and producing the highest quality products and equipment that provide outstanding vehicle maintenance services for engines, transmissions, power steering, cooling, fuel, drive line and air conditioning systems.  Maximizing today’s technology while reflecting a corporate stewardship of the environment we all share, Envirolution’s products increase fuel mileage, increase engine life and reduce harmful emissions. From its beginning twenty years ago, the company has been committed to these principles, continually improving and developing new products to keep pace with ever growing complex engine designs and fluid chemistry to enhance Envirolution’s strong maintenance program.


Located in Southern California, Envirolution has a domestic presence and a global reach through its distribution network. Envirolution’s equipment and synthetic based line of EST (Engineered Synthetic Technology) additives, chemicals and fluids provide cutting edge products and equipment which are used with confidence by dealerships, independent shops and fleets.


All Envirolution products are manufactured and packaged by Envirolution in their local facilities which is why Envirolution is very confident in offering the best warranties in the industry!  In addition to its outstanding products, Envirolution provides outstanding results-oriented training and 24/7 service educating its customers to insure that only proper procedures are followed and the right products are used to maximize benefits for Envirolution customers, vehicle owners and the environment.


Envirolution’s first piece of equipment was its then unheard of engine flush machine which, in addition to the benefits it offers customers, lowers emissions and reduces our carbon footprint! We were excited about our environmental revolution which is how the company got its name.  From the beginning, being innovative and also understanding the importance of customer service, we can say with confidence that customers like ours appreciate the fact that top management keeps a pulse on their concerns, picks up the phone when they call, and are able to react quickly, efficiently and effectively to their requests.


We believe that Envirolution reflects the American entrepreneurial spirit and are proud to represent the quality and integrity that is inherent in the phrase, “Made in the USA”.